We have three publications, the Year-Round Online, Youth Voices, and the Quarterly Printed and Online.

Sometimes we will have opportunities to submit for prizes and more, so you will want to be making sure you are subscribed or following us on social media.

Year-Round Online Publication

Our website is an online publication. You will have your own dedicated post featuring your work, with your bio and all contact information so that people can follow you.
–>Your work will not be sold to anyone. Submit here.

Young Voices Publication

Calling all young creatives, join the Youth Voices club and publication!

The club will focus on learning techniques, practice, performance, and more!

You do not have to be in the club to submit your works!

Quarterly Print Publication

Are you ready for the summer print issue? Submit your creative works below. Poetry, Short Stories, Prose, Photography, Art, and more. Express yourself!

Quarterly Printed and Online Zine

We recently changed the quarterly print zine, it will now be labeled Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter with the year attached. This is exciting because you will have freedom in the themes you explore. This will be put into print form as well as viewed in a magazine reader online.

We are currently accepting submissions for Issue #4 Winter 2022

To submit your work--> SUBMIT HERE

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