The Community- Internships and Advisory

“Kindred Creatives is not only a zine/publication but a community!”


Kindred Creatives is entering its second year and we are looking for passionate, driven young agents of change to be interns. We are looking for motivated young people that have similar values as us. Those values include social justice, access, opportunities for BIPOCs, literacy, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Kindred Creatives’ mission is to promote the love of literacy, creativity, and entrepreneurship for all. In the store, we have classes, events, entrepreneurs, creatives, and writers. Our goal is to raise funds to provide free to affordable programs and events. Be active in the community. Also, to provide opportunities and resources.

We are looking for people that can commit to a 3, 6, or 12-month role and be active in the role they apply for. We are looking for people who are new as well as knowledgeable in the role they seek. This is an unpaid position but there are benefits to being an intern. Some of the benefits include a mentorship with the owner, professional training sessions, the opportunity to host classes and events for pay, and more.

If you are interested, please send a resume, school, or

the program you are in, along with the role you are

interested in.


Submit Resume by March 15, 2022

Interviews will begin on March 28, 2022

Onboarding week of April 11, 2022

Email Cicely at kindredcreativeszine@kindredcreativeszine


Kindred Creatives is excited to offer internship opportunities to High School Juniors and Seniors, College Students, and Recent Graduates. We are offering different roles that students are interested in as well as a self-designed internship to fit the needs of a student’s personal career goals. These internships last 3, 6, and 12 months. Below are the internship roles.

  • Events and Planning
    • This is great for students who enjoys tasks related to project management but also want to cultivate and grow those skills. They will be responsible for developing events that will serve under the three pillars: Literacy, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship. They will connect with community leaders, organizations, and businesses to develop relationships. They then will plan events, timelines, gather volunteers and other people pivotal to the success of these events.
      • High school
      • College Student
      • Recent Grads
  • Marketing
    • This is great for students that are interested in marketing whether it is social media, email, public relations, and more. They are responsible for connecting with news outlets, publications, and other people/businesses of influence to build brand awareness. They are responsible for helping with fundraising campaigns and working collaboratively.
      • College Students
      • Recent Grads
  • Educational Programs
    • Great for students interested in becoming teachers or working in the educational sector our organizations the implement programs. They are responsible for developing programs under the three pillars: literacy, creativity, and entrepreneurship for all ages. They are responsible for developing relationships for partnerships in the spaces of KC, schools, community centers, etc. They are responsible for implementing systems and processes for the organization under the educational sector.
      • High School
      • College Students
      • Recent Grads
  • Operations and Management
    • This role is perfect for students who want to learn how to operate a business and nonprofit. Their responsibility will be to assist the owner, be a point person for inquiries, supervise interns, and more.
      • College Students
      • Recent Grads
  • Self-Designed
    • This role is perfect for students that want to implement something specific to Kindred Creatives ALP that doesn’t fall into the above categories. Along with your resume, submit a proposal outlining what this internship will look like, how you plan to implement it, and how we can support you.
      • College Students
      • Recent Grads
Bookstore and Creative Collective

Are you an author or an entrepreneur? Well, we have space for you. Put your books on our shelves or lease a space for your products. Donate a portion of your sales programs and keeping the shop live and running!

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A space to create and heal through expressive arts and more. Drop in for a session or sign up for our events!

Lit Lounge

Promoting the love for literature and learning. Enjoy our library and stay for a reading! After school tutoring and ELA classes.

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