Poem: Intuition Vision by Naima Laird

Who are you?

Is He?

Do you know her?

Reflecting on days past

Blue open skies

Turned into night

Glimmer of sliver

Gushes of rain

Represent faces

Streaks of orange and yellow

Wisps of white

A different hue of blue

It is a palette!

Or is it a promising sign…

To reveal something beautiful

If you choose to see

Work in progress

Are you willing to help

Gently with no agenda

The person starring

At their future self?

Words can be false…

Your presence means dedication

Can you be your true self?

Not a judge

Nor care what others see?

Their view is skewed

By present and past

Future can be majestic

Can you speak what you believe?

Bring words of life to completion?

Or shrink and wish…

You could be that person

To not care

Ignore others stares

As you know

Work in progress

Is not failure

Life detours cause many to 

Get lost

Worn out

Do you see resilience?

Sparkling rays of light?

Bright future within reach?

Can your eyes see happiness?

Like the sunrise…


You might be surprised

At what can happen

When a plant is wilting

Given sunlight

Breathes in the moonlight

It is a beautiful sight

You can have 

If you can see…


Naima Laird
469-844-0510 (Business Cell)
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Education and Training Professional with 20+ years of experience in: Education/Healthcare/Hospitality/Non-Profit Research & Development and Destination Meeting Planning

Qualifications in Brief:
BA in Human Development, Cal. State Hayward dba Cal. State East Bay

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