BLM: ELP Music – In Memoriam (Say Their Names)

My name is Ryan Howze and I producer music for film and television and also commissions for RnB and HipHop Artists.

Ethos Logos Pathos Music- Ryan Howze

I’ve created a video project in the wake of the George Floyd tragedy. This project started with a conversation between myself and a close friend discussing the state of the world and how we as creatives mourn. We throw ourselves into our art and try to express emotions that way. That realization transformed into this song. “In Memoriam” a somber expression and plead to the world.

The voice you hear is the heartbreaking delivery to congress by Philonise Floyd brother of George Floyd the haunting words and plea for accountability and unity hang delicately over the gut wrenching cries of the 2 vocalists. While swirling pianos dance decadently around the words.

On screen you are confronted with the smiling happy faces of lives lost too soon. Accompanied by quotes of those who have been fighting this injustice. By design we decided not to show carnage or brutality. We decided to show you these men and women smiling, at BBQ’s, at work, on the street posing their best for the one behind the camera. To remind you as you watch and listen, that these were people just like us. Not simply statistics to argue over.

The final line from Philonise sticks in my mind as I write this,

“If his death ends up changing the world, for the better, and I think it will. Then he died as he lived. It is up to you to make sure his death was not in vain.”

Thank you for your time

ELP Music – In Memoriam (Say Their Names)

Ryan Howze

Ethos Logos Pathos Music

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