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Author’s Consignment Program


As an independent bookstore and a passion for showcasing Black, Indigenous, and People of Color’s written works, we want to partner with you! Join the email list.


As a way to limit overhead cost and budget funds, consignment allows no upfront costs for the bookstore and allows authors to get their work out there. Based on the plan you choose, there is a model where you will get most of the selling price and the remaining goes back to the store. You will get paid in December and June.


Can I submit more than one title?
What is the registration fee?
$15 per title for life. So when books sell out, send more with no additional fee.
What is the Payout?
We follow the normal consignment style, 60/40. 60% goes to authors and are paid out twice a year.


1- Social Media promotions and features
2- No extra fees for online orders and shipping
3- Author talks and events
4- and more

Maker’s Market

Read the overview of the Maker’s Market to see if you want to join us! Apply Here.

Visual Artist Program (Coming Soon)

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From Creedom Books

Book Promo – Book promo is every author’s dream. Having your books in stores, especially stores that are not in your city, allows an author to gain the exposure they would not normally receive if they were not in specific stores.

Sales – Sales are important because it is a goal of every author to make money off their work. The more sales an author gets the more money that goes into their pockets.

New Readers – Being in bookstores allows an author’s books to reach new readers on a consistent basis.

Appearance Opportunity – Being in bookstores allows an author an opportunity to do an in-store appearance to perform a book signing or reading. This is a great way to interact will new and loyal readers and connect with other authors.

Best Seller Status – It may not be on the NY Times best sellers list, but being on a bookstore’s best sellers list is an accomplishment an author can be proud to represent. It also is worth mentioning when conducting business with other bookstores, to ensure them your books can sell.

Distribution Opportunity – With an increased number of sales, an author may be able to negotiate a distribution deal rather than the consignment agreement. A distribution deal will allow the author to sell a large bulk of books.

Relationship building – One of the most beneficial tools in this business is developing relationships. Developing a positive relationship with the owner of a bookstore can help with promotion, arranging events and more.

New store openings – A successful bookstore may eventually expand to several different cities, which means your books will begin receiving recognition across different regions.

Store joint venture – Similar to bookstores expanding, store owners network and work on joint ventures that include small book expos and workshops. If you are one of the top selling authors in a store, the owner may recommend you to other store owners.

Bragging Rights – Whether it’s being a local best-selling author or packing venues at your local bookstore, these situations give you bragging rights. The more stores you get your books into, the more bragging rights you can potentially have.

From Creedom Books