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Kindred Creatives Art and Literary Press

The Mission:

The mission of Kindred Creatives is to promote the love of creativity, literacy, and entrepreneurship for all ages. 

The Goal:

To open a curated bookstore and gift shop by Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Providing a space for creatives to learn and share their talents. A publication and press that showcases art and literature in many forms.


Bookstore and Creative Collective Market

Kindred Creatives is a space that showcases BIPOC authors and creative’s products. We promote the love of literature in various forms. Having opportunities for new writers to gain exposure through space on the shelves and events. Entrepreneurs seeking to sell their products in a collective space can do so. They will lease a space of the shop and will commit to a portion of their sales funding the bookstore and programs.


As a way to promote creativity, learning and collaboration, the makerspace is a hub providing workshops, resources and more for all ages. Volunteers will teach art classes, expressive activities, and more. 

Library- Literacy Corner

People will donate books that people can keep or swap as a way to promote literacy. In the Lit Lounge, students will have the opportunity for tutoring, lessons, and a space to read by themselves or in groups. Offering daytime, afterschool and weekend classes, young and old will have access to readers and writers workshops.


Kindred Creatives Art and Literary Press/Zine publishes quarterly literary magazines. Seeking submissions free and paid to be featured in our online and print publications. 

Zine World

I remember being introduced to the world of zines decades ago and then got reacquainted over the past two years. I love the fact that with zines, you are not censored. These are self publications, most often contributors, and they contain art and words that are just beautiful. Sure you can rant and rave online but it is different when you take the time to create and connect with your thoughts, it creates something so beautiful.

I don’t just want it to be a zine, I want it to be a press or publication. Not super curated, not for fame, not for fortune, but for community building. So I am excited about these recent steps that I have taken to really get this Zine off of the ground. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Looking Forward To

Book Drive Donate books to the Lit Lounge Library. Do you have an abundance of books that kids and even adults could use? Well, donate them! Email us at

Secure the Space– Help us secure our space in the Lewisville Music City Mall. Monthly Rent, insurance, marketing, and more.

The Art of Self-Care Retreat- For writers and creatives of all forms! Stay tuned for more information.